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The Technologielinie Hessen-Nanotech

Platform for innovations through nanotechnology

The Technologielinie Hessen-Nanotech is the central platform for nanotechnology in Hessen. It provides support for companies and facilities active in nanotechnology and the adjoining fields of materials and surface technology, microsystems technology and optical technology, and at the same time for potential users of these technologies

  • by presentation of competence, e. g. by surveys, presentations at trade fairs and exhibitions
  • by dissemination of information on current knowledge and technological trends, e. g. via events, newsletter and internet portal for nano safety
  • in matters of project and company development, e. g. by bringing nano - technology suppliers and users from industry and science together or financing and promoting companies or projects.


It also acts as a "pilot" to various competence centres in Hessen, e. g. for

  • technology transfer between universities and companies
  • technology transfer with European partners
  • funding and location advisory services.


Further information you will find in the leaflet Technologielinie Hessen-Nanotech.

Download (PDF, 1,6 MB)