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Competence and Infrastructure Atlas Nanotechnologies in Hessen

Kompetenz- und Infrastrukturatlas Nanotechnologien in Hessen

The Competence and Infrastructure Atlas Nanotechnologies in Hessen contains profiles of more than 160 nanotech companies, networks, research institutes and universities in Hesse and therefore offers comprehensive information on the focal points of work in science and industry. It gives an overview of available infrastructures in the area of the Hessian research landscape. The data was compiled in summer 2007.

The Competence and Infrastructure Atlas can be downloaded in sections as a PDF file and is structured as follows:

  • Introduction/Nanotechnologies/Fields of application
    To provide the specific knowledge of the subject necessary for this Atlas to be used to best effect, this section offers information on the importance of nanotechnologies, together with a general basic definition and an overview of their possible uses in the present-day world.
    PDF (1,6 MB)
  • Competence matrix companies/service provider/universities
    In the Competence Matrix, all companies, research facilities and universities included in the Atlas are placed alongside their particular technologies (e.g. nanoelectronics, nanobiotechnology) or applications (e.g. electrotechnology, biotechnology), to enable you to identify the actors in question more easily.
    PDF (0,4 MB)
  • Competenz profiles
    All actors can be seen at a glance in alphabetical order. In the margin to the left of the portrait are contact data and keywords describing the main fields of activity, product categories/highlights or services they offer.

  • Further information

    A cross selection of equipment and techniques
    Appliances and processes routinely used in present-day nanotechnology research and development, such as scanning tunnelling microscopy or continuous wave methods, are introduced and explained separately in this section.

    Methods and techniques
    This section presents and describes the major techniques – e.g. electrospinningmethods – used nowadays for creating and modifying nanoscale materials.
    PDF (0,9 MB)

    Infrastructure overview
    All those interested in knowing exactly what equipment is available for nanotechnology research and development at Hessen’s universities will soon find the information they require in the Infrastructure vverview. Details on the types and designations of the appliances are given, together with their performance specifications.
    German: PDF (0,5 MB)
    Englisch: PDF (0,5 MB)

    The Competence and Infrastructure Atlas is rounded off by a Glossary over several pages, in which brief and vivid definitions are given of the essential terms used in connection with nanotechnology applications.
    Glossar (PDF, 1,3 MB)

Search: A full text search is available within the PDF files with the well-established functions of Adobe Readers.