Nano Regions Alliance


What is NANORA?

NANORA – Nano Regions Alliance is a transnational cooperation network of strong European nanotechnology regions. Its members are regional or national organisations – clusters, technology transfer and business development agencies, industry associations, research and technology centres and the like – that are active in supporting nanotechnology research and business activities by implementing regional support programmes and offering services to small and medium companies and/or research institutions. Having started out as a funded INTERREG project (2011-2015) under the lead of the Hessen Ministry of Economics NANORA now, as of early 2016, counts 16 Members from Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

What does NANORA want?

The network members’ joint aim is to improve support to their regional companies by facilitating cooperation with transnational partners from across Europe along nano-enabled value chains. Ultimately, this is designed to enable increased industrial adoption of nanotechnology in the participating regions. Like the Three Musketeers NANORA Members operate according to the motto “All for one, one for all” as they are convinced that European regions can only stand out in international competition as top locations through joint action. Regional selfishness is obsolete – regional perspectives must be complemented with a European perspective.

What good does this do?

This change of perspective has borne fruit: over the course of the NANORA project runtime the partnership, combining their expertise to offer a range of expert workshops, masterclasses, company missions and general “smart brokering” activities, supported roughly 230 companies and research entities across North-West Europe and beyond by matching them for roughly 60 collaborative projects of all sorts and guiding them in the collaborative process. By fostering and supporting these collaborative projects NANORA helped generate roughly 22 m € worth of approved projects and 88 m € worth of submitted projects funded by or applied for at Horizon 2020, CORNET, Interreg, ECSEL, and various regional and national programmes.

How does NANORA work?

For tailor-made support to nanotechnology SMEs and research organisations NANORA relies on a strong network of “NANORA Access Points” in the participating regions. They act as gateways to the regions’ nanotechnology landscapes and are able to quickly connect nanotechnology-based companies (and researchers) as well as industry users across Europe. In addition to regional networks and resources NANORA makes use of its very own tool TINCA (Transnational Interactive Nanotechnology Competence Atlas), a living transnational database of about 600 European nanotechnology companies and research organizations with sophisticated filtering options that allows for searching just the right nano-related expertise across seven regions.

NANORA is open to new members and regions. For information visit www.nanora.eu.



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