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"You can get help here!" – NANORA Access Points

NANORA Access Points function as contact partners that are responsible for their own region and can additionally access information from the whole of the Alliance area through the NANORA network. Why is this so important? Nanotechnology is a young and very heterogeneous technology with a relatively small number of players. This often means that the existing economic development agencies and technology consultancies in many regions in Europe are unable to provide satisfactory answers to business & technology requests & offers from the diverse fields of nanotechnology. It is not possible for any one region to have all of the competencies necessary to develop nano-enabled solutions. This is where the NANORA approach comes into play – because it’s not about finding just any partner for a project, it’s about finding the best. And the best is often only found when looking across borders. Via the NANORA Access Points it is possible to bring together the best partners from twelve European regions at present. NANORA can help!

In addition to the smart brokerage of cross-regional contacts for collaborative R&D projects NANORA Access Points may offer related measures such as:

  • Organisation of seminars on current trends and developments in the field of nanotechnology with networking opportunities for relevant stakeholders from participating regions/institutions.
  • Organisation of “nano field trips” (study visits) for management staff from the public sector, research institutions and businesses to foster best practice exchange and intensified cooperation.
  • Exchange of experience, publications and information material.
  • Mutual support in the set-up and expansion of support measures and structures which are relevant for nanotechnology stakeholders, with the long-term objective to harmonise support measures and support structures between regions as far as possible.

For information on NANORA Access Points in other regions visit www.nanora.eu/nanora-access-points.


Access Point in Hessen, Germany:

Technologielinie Hessen-Nanotech, Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH

Dr. David Eckensberger 
Project Director Hessen-Nanotech
Tel.: +49 (0) 611 95017-8326
Fax: +49 (0) 611 95017-8620
E-Mail: info [at] hessen-nanotech.de

Konradinerallee 9
65189 Wiesbaden
Web: www.nanora.eu